Technical Rehearsals will be held from 4pm to 6pm at HKCEC from Thursday 17 through to Sunday 20 February.  Competitors,  Performers, DJs please make your way to HKCEC N100 Series Rooms, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, New Wing, 1 Expo Drive, Wanchai.

The Technical Rehearsals will be on a first come first served basis. Please provide 2 sets of performance CDs preferably on 2 different brand CDs to the “Show DJ” or the “Floor Manager” at the rehearsal arena.
Each CD should only contain the performance song.  The music will not be slowed down or speeded up by the DJ during rehearsal or performance.

Only performing artists of the night and their team directors will be allowed access to the technical rehearsal arena during the technical rehearsals.

Our official hotel “The Charterhouse” runs shuttle bus service from the hotel to HKCEC from “Thursday to Sunday” of HKSF week.  Please avail of the time-table from the concierge at the hotel. The shuttle bus 

We operate a “no filming” policy at the HKCEC.  And so please refrain from filming,  but feel free to snap still pictures to your hearts  content.
Your co-operation is much appreciated.

Hong Kong Salsa Festival is doing its “little” bit to help protect the environment. We will print as little paper as possible and in which case we will put information about HKSF2011 onto the official website mainly.

So you can find details about each Hong Kong Salsa Festival Day’s rundown. Hotel, details regarding transfer from airport to hotel, all venue addresses, instructors and workshop schedules, performance teams, Djs etc

As much as we can, we will put Hong Kong Salsa Festival information on the official website, please do check the website for information.

We will keep any changes to a minimum. Please bear in mind some changes may occur due to circumstances beyond our control.

The Charterhouse Hotel has agreed to provide free internet broadband service to the delegates of HKSF2011 staying at the official hotel  to support our “green” HKSF2011 effort.
We hope you will support the idea of a “greener” Hong Kong Salsa Festival.



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