Eider Rua is a professional dancer, teacher and founder of BNF Dance & Entertainment, the dance company with Headquarters in Medellin -Colombia, Dubai and Abu Dhabi - UAE. He and his dance partner Luisa Suaza have performed on television and stage, including top salsa congresses around the world.

Luisa is one of the most talented dancers in BNF UAE, and Colombia. For her passion for dancing, Luisa has earned for herself recognition among professionals in salsa and tango communities. She is one of the main dancers in BNF Dance & Entertainment Company, as well as one of the top tango and salsa instructors in the school.


Marvin Ramos:

since the age of six he started his first dance street dancer, at the age of eight he began his adventure like professional dancer together his brothers (Los Hermanos Ramos-Ramos brothers) traveling all Colombia.....

In 1999 arrived in Italy as a dancer on different programs, dancing with international singers: Grupo Gale, Grupo Niche, Guayacan, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Victor Manuel, La India, Joe Arroyo, Oscar de Leon ..... and many more

Together with Cristina Iannilli (name of art KRISTIN)Italian dancer since 1999 began her first steps of salsa as his student in 2002 is part of dancers in the group I fratelli Ramos (Ramos brothers) ...Marvin Ramos and Kristin (Sabor de America) rotate in different salsa congresses in Italy as artists revelation 2008 2009


At a young age Lesley learned the appreciation of music and dance after being enrolled Lesley in the orchestra where she had to pick an instrument at the age of 6, selecting the violin only because the family could not afford to buy her first choice which was a piano. In addition, Lesley was also enrolled in ballet and jazz. As Lesley gravitated more and more toward the violin she had the opportunity to play with the Los Angeles Young Philharmonics Orchestra (usually vying for 1stchair, 1st row) and also trained at USC’s Idyllwild Summer Music Camp while still in junior high school.

Although Lesley loved dancing, it took the back seat to music until becoming a varsity cheerleading with jazz as a requirement. Lesley attribute’s her friend Karen who said “Let’s go salsa dancing one night”, which Lesley responded with “I don’t want to go salsa dancing”. After learning the basic step In Karen’s living room, they headed to the well known dance club Sportsman Lodge where top dancers social danced and great live bands played. Lesley was hooked the first night with the dancing and the music, started taking private lessons with Raul Santiago the next week, going to various group classes, and hitting a salsa club every night. It was her new addiction.

Lesley’s first experience on a team was with SalsaConfunction (Laura Carnellias) and then with Seaon Stylist Dance Company, traveling all over the world.

After the retirement of the Seaon Stylist Dance Company, Sakara Dance Company was formed with the original "Stylist" core traveling team. Continually challenging themselves to create a stronger foundation of technique and embrace the many forms of dance and musicality with each choreography.

In July 2006 co-directors Violeta and Lesley formed a secondary team "The Sakadelics" as a way to give back to new dancers the technique and foundation which we have further developed over the years as our personal style, which we still constantly challenge ourselves to grow as dancers.



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